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This is a question The Soundtrack of your Life

Che Grimsdale writes: Now that Simon Cowell's stolen Everybody Hurts, tell us about songs that mean something to you - good, bad, funny or tragic, appropriate or totally inappropriate songs that were playing at key times.

(, Thu 28 Jan 2010, 13:30)
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Talkin' 'bout the big monkey man
Oh, goodness... There's this one song. And. I. It. Right. Um. Well.

Basically, this song is, to me, the greatest song in all the world. As soon as I hear the shout in the beginning, my face explodes into a grin of pure jubilation. There is nothing that makes me want to jump to my feet and skank my arse off quite like this song. It's silly, it's fun, and it makes my eyes well with tears with just how much life and joy there is in this track. We're talking spinning-in-circles, arms-out-like-an-aeroplane, traffic-cone-on-your-head, pure and sweet childlike glee that makes my spirit sing. It's sunshine, and lollipops, and the last day of school before the summer holidays, and the first bluebells of spring, and realising you have some fucking jaffa cakes in your coat pocket. Please do check it out.

Monkey Man, as covered by Reel Big Fish: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSuEMJ_48YE

(There's also the obligatory "One That Got Away" song, which is Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy, but that's a little less fun.)
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 22:52, Reply)

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