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This is a question Spoilt Brats

Mr Newton sighs, "ever known anyone so spoilt you would love to strangle? I lived with a Paris Hilton-a-like who complained about everything, stomped her feet and whinged till she got her way. There was a happy ending though: she had to drop out of uni due to becoming pregnant after a one night stand..."

Who's the spoiltest person you've met? Has karma come to bite them yet? Or did you in fact end up strangling them? Uncle B3ta (and the serious crimes squad) wants to know.

(, Thu 9 Oct 2008, 14:11)
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Kids these days...
A couple of years back I was working in Gamestation and some kid comes in with his dad looking for the new silver slimline PS2. Sony being their usual self decided not to produce enough for the demand, so naturally we where freshly sold out of them.
I let the dad know that the black slim line is in and exactly the same thing, but the kid was having none of it! The little fucker threw a right little tantrum over it! Calling his dad all sorts of things and refusing all of the games that he originally wanted because he couldn't play them on the silver PS2!
In the end his dad just bought him the slimline PS2 anyway and threw in a load of games to sway the kids decision, who grudgefully accepted his dad's cold hearted offer!
The lucky little bastard then got taken to McDonalds for lunch. PS2 and McDonalds! Although the dad may have actually been buying the console for himself and perhaps the McDonalds was just for the kid...
(, Fri 10 Oct 2008, 21:22, Reply)

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