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This is a question Where is the strangest place you have slept?

'lardaholics anonymous' was bored and started a new question over in the old question, so the least we can do is make it official. What with New Year's celebrations coming up, asking for the strangest place you have slept is nicely appropriate too.

In case you are wondering, Portsmouth beach in the fog. Very strange waking up to that.

(, Fri 29 Dec 2006, 8:57)
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I have fallen asleap in meany places,
After half a bottle of wiskey i curled up in the boot of my car for the night.

In a geography GCSE exam.

standing up whilst playing cricket.

I fell asleap whilst cycling along a main road nearly killing myself by going into the back of a meriva.

On a toilet in prauge in 2005, I was drunk and passed out on the toilet in someone elses hotel room. I have no memory of this, however at 5am someone noticed the snoring and kindly woke me up and filmed me trying to find my trousers in a semi-comatose state.

In a bed with five other people

In a school asembaly, woke to find everyone staring at me and a teacher prodding me. I thought id put this sort of thing behind me. however years later at university. I wasent feeling to well and sucmmbed to falling asleap face down over a bench. I was in the front row at the time. the lecturer noticed. He stopped the lecture to try and wake me up. He couldent. I awoke half an hour later because the people around me were balencing cans on my head. I upset the cans and looked around everyone, including the lecturer was laughing. I felt like an absolute tit, as I wasnt feeling to well in the first place I went home and slept on the couch.

That was a shit birthday.
(, Thu 4 Jan 2007, 9:47, Reply)

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