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This is a question Strict Parents

I always thought my parents were quite strict, but I can't think of anything they actually banned me from doing, whereas a good friend was under no circumstances allowed to watch ITV because of the adverts.

This week's Time Out mentions some poor sod who was banned from sitting in the aisle seats at cinemas because, according to their mother, "drug dealers patrol the aisles, injecting people in the arm."

What were you banned from doing as a kid by loopy parents?

(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 12:37)
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I didn't do quite as well as expected with my GCSEs
So over the christmas holidays in the Phillipines (we were better off back then), my dad made me go through my entire Geography, Music, Spanish and French files in our room. Whilst they went out to play in the sun.

The best part was the third degree I got from him every time a piece of info was unaccounted for (being that age and all, you'd expect your files to be in complete order, right?). Little bastard really had a way of making you feel scared.

Aah, the old scars come out to play!
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 14:25, Reply)

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