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This is a question Strict Parents

I always thought my parents were quite strict, but I can't think of anything they actually banned me from doing, whereas a good friend was under no circumstances allowed to watch ITV because of the adverts.

This week's Time Out mentions some poor sod who was banned from sitting in the aisle seats at cinemas because, according to their mother, "drug dealers patrol the aisles, injecting people in the arm."

What were you banned from doing as a kid by loopy parents?

(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 12:37)
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Bizzare parents = bizarre rules
Being the daughter of two morris dancers, you can imagine my childhood was "imaginative" but when it came to being told not to do stuff, I'm sure my brother an I didn't have the monopoly, here are some strange things anyway:

We were told never EVER to bite the toothpaste tube, after tooth marks mysteriously appeared one day.

Shutup is the most offensive term known to man and we were forbidden to use it.

and finally and probably the most strange of all, we were banned from picking caterpillars off the cabbages and keeping them in the house after one year they exploded*

Strange childhood me!

*a species of wasp laid its eggs in them and the little wasps ate them from the inside out until they literally turned to mush... it took my parents ages to get rid of all the little wasps in the kitchen.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 15:16, Reply)

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