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This is a question Stuff You've Overheard

Are you a nosey bastard who likes earwigging other peoples conversations? What's the best you've ever heard? From terrorist plots to intimate details of other peoples sex lives. We want to hear it all.

(, Wed 9 Jun 2004, 23:27)
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On the bus to work one day...
...a particularly awful woman was sat with her worried son. He was worried because his first communion was coming up, and he was scared in case he somehow made a tit of himself. He asked lots of questions, basically just looking for some reassurance, but all he got was curt replies, put-downs and threats of "a jolly good wallop" if he didn't quieten down.

The boy got his own back when he piped up again in a voice loud enough for the whole top deck to hear:

"Mummy, what's that on your top lip? Is it a moustache? My friend Lilly's mum has a moustache. Did you have that moustache ever since you were a little girl? Mummy?"
(, Thu 10 Jun 2004, 10:09, Reply)

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