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This is a question Stuff You've Overheard

Are you a nosey bastard who likes earwigging other peoples conversations? What's the best you've ever heard? From terrorist plots to intimate details of other peoples sex lives. We want to hear it all.

(, Wed 9 Jun 2004, 23:27)
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Not overheard but I was in Edinburgh a while ago and had just crossed a road, using the traffic lights, the sort that bleep so you know when to cross. Anyway, there's a couple of dumb fuc* yanks on the other side. The woman says to me "Excuse me, but why do thiose traffic lights bleep"
Me "So the blind can use them"
DFY "That's amazing, in my country the blind can't drive."
(, Thu 10 Jun 2004, 14:24, Reply)

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