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This is a question Stuff You've Overheard

Are you a nosey bastard who likes earwigging other peoples conversations? What's the best you've ever heard? From terrorist plots to intimate details of other peoples sex lives. We want to hear it all.

(, Wed 9 Jun 2004, 23:27)
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Yet more Yanks...
but this time in Yankland.

Yank A: Do they have Thanksgiving in England?
Yank B: No, they have different holidays to us.
Yank A: Oh... OK. What about Presidents' Day?


And later, same Yank A comes out with "Do they have TV in England? I was over there during the war and they didn't have it then, but those guys have got it now, right?"

(, Thu 10 Jun 2004, 16:58, Reply)

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