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This is a question Stupid Colleagues

Godwin's Lawyer tells us: "I once worked with a lad who believed 'Frankenstein' was based on a true story, and that the book was written by Shirley Bassey." Tell us about your workplace dopes.

(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 15:34)
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I used to work with a guy who was always eating, something to do with him always being at the gym.

One day while he was eating yet another banana I asked "graham do you buy those bananas in bulk ?"

"no...... Asda" was the reply

Another day he asked "why does the rain outside the factory always fell at an angle"

He accepted that it wasn't falling at an angle we.where just on the side of a hill
(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 21:04, 4 replies)
That second one
your response makes no sense. Unless the floor was built to the same gradient as the hill and the wind never blew.
(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 21:08, closed)
isn't that the point?
the OP was winding up his work colleague by telling him that the reason for the slanty rain was the hill...

or am I missing something?
(, Fri 4 Mar 2011, 9:02, closed)
Fuck me, I am coming out of the QOTW as the most stupid person in the room...
(, Fri 4 Mar 2011, 9:31, closed)
*pats shoulder*
(, Fri 4 Mar 2011, 9:52, closed)

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