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This is a question Stupid Dares

I once dared my mate to eat one of those blue cakes out of a urinal. He won his 50p, and got his stomach pumped into the bargain.

Stupid dares, eh?

(, Thu 1 Nov 2007, 11:22)
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of stupid dares...
Whilst Living in Liverpool we did some silly things whilst drunk.

1) Came back from a night on the lash and dared each other to eat Dave's lizards pet food which it didnt seem interested in. Live locusts. They taste like luettice, didnt like the legs too much. This was all well and good until Dave decided he was going to eat some of his pet snakes food. Frozen baby mice... We had to stop him there as I'm sure that wouldnt do him any good whatsoever.

2) Dared Dave to answer the door to the pizza delivery guy in only his boxers with his snake wrapped around his neck, which he dutifuly did. The pizza guy ran off screaming... somebody turned up a half hour later to get the money. Never laughed so much... really funny stuff.

No money ever changed hands... hmmmm
(, Fri 2 Nov 2007, 12:47, Reply)

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