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This is a question Stupid Dares

I once dared my mate to eat one of those blue cakes out of a urinal. He won his 50p, and got his stomach pumped into the bargain.

Stupid dares, eh?

(, Thu 1 Nov 2007, 11:22)
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How to Annoy Your Dad

When I was eight, my sister dared me to push a paper clip up my nose (for some reason). I duly did this, all the way up, and lodged it nicely in the depths of my sinuses. This was followed by a severe panic when I realised I could not get it out again, and it was causing a nasty metallic grating pain in the middle of my face.

As a result, my dad had to take me to A&E where we waited for two hours to be seen. A doctor finally saw us and removed the offending paper clip with a long thin pair of pliers. There was a bit of blood, and a nasty little bit of flesh on the paper clip once removed. This was followed by a long lecture from both the doctor and my dad (who was very pissed off by this time).

We get home, and I head off to catch up with my sister. After ten minutes or so, she dares me to put the paper clip up my nose again. MMmmm...after a minute of so of thought, and taunting, I thrust another paper clip up my nose, again losing the end and lodging it in my sinuses again.

You can imagine how pleased my dad was when I sheepishly went to report my predicament for the second time in one day. Cue, three more hours at the hospital, and the same doctor....very annoyed this time.
(, Sun 4 Nov 2007, 23:31, 2 replies)
On the subject of noses...
I did exactly the same with a mini light bulb from a dolls house when I was a kid! My dad had built the dolls house and was putting the bulb up his nose, being daft, blowing it back out again. So I tried once he'd gone to work. Cue mother calling a taxi to get me up to A&E with the bulb up my nose, £30 in the taxi, plonked me on the desk at A&E whilst shouting not to sniff. So I blew. And the bulb dropped out on the desk. £30 Taxi ride back home.

That evenign my dad showed me the same, only with dried pasta...
(, Mon 5 Nov 2007, 10:23, closed)
Am I...
...the only person who never felt the need to stuff things up my nose when I was a kid?
(, Wed 7 Nov 2007, 13:56, closed)

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