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This is a question Amazing displays of ignorance

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "My dad's friend told us there's no such thing as gravity - it's just the weight of air holding us down". Tell us of times you've been floored by abject stupidity. "Whenever I read the Daily Express" is not a valid answer.

(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 16:48)
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A friend of mine graded student exams
So there was this student who solved a math question correctly, ie the multiplication of two negative numbers yields a positive number. But the strange thing was, next to the calculation they had written: "bubble negative". It wasn't a misread or a misspell either, it came up in another question and there is was again: "BUBBLE negative"
(, Sat 20 Mar 2010, 21:28, 2 replies)
I was always taught
that a bubble negative makes a positive.
Mind you, my maths teacher couldn't say 'd', due to losing his front teeth in a tragic integration mishap.
(, Sun 21 Mar 2010, 23:38, closed)
Thank the lord, it's not just me!
This might ruin it for you but I used to do stuff like that all the time as a kid because I'm almost deaf but lipread so well that nobody realised til I was much older. I didn't know because I'd always been like that so never mentioned it. You'd have thought they'd have noticed when I spelt and said everything incorrectly!
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 14:09, closed)

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