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This is a question Tantrums

Pooster says: "When we were younger my little brother had a tantrum which ended when he threw a fork and it stuck in my other brother's cheek for a bit." Tell us your tales of screaming kids, and adults acting like children.

(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:48)
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north / south divide
As a northern dweller im used to the gentle kindness of fellow northerners and their "in your face
but totally honest" insults but was shocked to find that people from london are very closed of to people and goings on around them.

I was absolutely hammered on the tube coming back from a party when i was sat opposite two polish guys looking at me and laughing their heads off.

I looked at them and said .' Where i come from if we take the piss we do it to someones face, instead of giggling to your bloody boyfriend about how if somehow i entertain you in my pissed state at least have the courtesy to let me in on the joke you pricks!"

In a thick eastern european accent," hey man, your flies are down".

At the next stop i promptly left, tail between my legs ( thankfully now zipped up )
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:24, 8 replies)
This reads like you're horrendously drunk.
Become literate and correct it.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:26, closed)
htc one x is the devils work
Bloody mobile phone keyboard
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:32, closed)
Don't blame your tools, lad, there's a good chap.

(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:44, closed)
You can't be a proper northerner, you're too much of a stuck up cunt.

(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:40, closed)

Rich coming from someone who has ...is a cunt, next to his name
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:45, closed)
Too much of a mong as well, it seems.

(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 11:58, closed)
Just a guess
but do you get punched often?
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 12:17, closed)
often enough, clearly.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2012, 20:21, closed)

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