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This is a question Teenage Parties

Ah, the heady days when catering consisted of a crate of lager and some vodka illicitly extracted by whoever looked oldest, decoration consisted of removing any breakable furniture and the morning after was just the morning and not the rest of the week.

Tell us who you snogged, where you threw up and who just would not leave.

(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 10:20)
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Less of a party, a sleepover actually.
So at this sleepover last year, at the house of a girl I fancied quite a lot at the time, there were several of my friends, and several of her friends. We stayed up pretty late, but eventually decided to go to sleep. I go to sleep on the floor next to the girl, Kaz, who I fancy. My best friend Luke is sleeping on a chair with Jaz.

Next morning people woke up before me. Unfortunately, as it turned out, Luke had climbed into bed between me and Kaz in the night. So when he woke up, he was greeted by me hugging him in my sleep.

Bastard won't ever let me live it down.

(, Mon 17 Apr 2006, 23:30, Reply)

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