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This is a question Terrible food

Back when I was a student, we had a "clear out the fridge" party. Everyone brought what they had left and the idea was to make a big meal out of it.

The stew/casserole/whatever was going surprisingly well until someone added the tin of mackerel in tomato sauce they'd been hoarding all year.

What's the worst thing you've ever cooked or eaten? Who's the worst cook you've encountered?

[and yes, we've asked this before, but way, way back before we had the fancy QOTW pages]

(, Thu 17 May 2007, 10:23)
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Another hospital food story.
Many moons ago I worked for a meal packing factory that had the contract to provide ready made meals to Bristol hospitals and BA. When cooked meat went into the freezers to be chilled they had to be below a certain temperature to be skanky bacteria proof. Due to demand the thermometer result was often put down as correct when it was actually several degrees higher. I'm sure some poor bastards were more ill after eating some of that shit than they were before going in to hospital. Still, we never had a complaint for late deliveries!
(, Wed 23 May 2007, 8:51, closed)

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