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This is a question And that's the thanks I got

On getting screwed over by people for whom you were doing a favour:

I spent several weeks helping my best friend - a complete layabout - with his A-Level computer science project so he wouldn't fail his course. In the end, he did so little work I actually ended up doing the whole thing for him in a half-term week I should really have spent revising for my own exams.

I got back to college to find that while I was hunched over a red-hot BBC Micro, he had spent the week screwing my girlfriend.

Then he didn't bother sitting the exam because "I'm going to fail anyway".

And that's the thanks I got. How have you been screwed over whilst doing someone a favour?

(, Thu 24 May 2007, 10:20)
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Well thank you very much
I have a friend, I say friend. I mean acquaintance I havent been able to shake off in four years or so. His whole world is PC's, he is a wizard with them and they are to all intents and purposes his life. So when mine buggered up a few months ago, he was the person I called.

I called him and he was made up, he loves fixing broken computers so I was quite pleased I'd made his day. I promised him a nice cooked meal and a few bevvys as payment when he came over, he asked to bring his girlfriend so I said yes.

While he was fixing my PC in my room, me and his girl started to talk. The talk got quite deep and she started telling me all about their lack of a sex life, how his libido wasnt much and how she was getting annoyed with him and even worse, how it was affecting their relationship. She was starting to get annoyed with him and was getting spiteful, full of bitchy, barbed comments for the lad.

'What could I do to help?' thought I. Then it hit me.

I played with her hair and started nuzzling her neck. Before you could say firewall we were at it like a similie which hasnt even been invented yet to convey our behaviour.

Gratitude anyone? Not a sausage. I let him fix my computer AND shagged his girl so he didnt have to, some people eh?
(, Fri 25 May 2007, 13:57, Reply)

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