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This is a question And that's the thanks I got

On getting screwed over by people for whom you were doing a favour:

I spent several weeks helping my best friend - a complete layabout - with his A-Level computer science project so he wouldn't fail his course. In the end, he did so little work I actually ended up doing the whole thing for him in a half-term week I should really have spent revising for my own exams.

I got back to college to find that while I was hunched over a red-hot BBC Micro, he had spent the week screwing my girlfriend.

Then he didn't bother sitting the exam because "I'm going to fail anyway".

And that's the thanks I got. How have you been screwed over whilst doing someone a favour?

(, Thu 24 May 2007, 10:20)
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My dad went away for a week so I invited some friends round for an all night drinking and DVD session. One of my oldest friends rings me up around 10PM and says "I'm at a club at the moment but can I come round about midnight?"
Being the charitable old soul I am I agree, but midnight comes around and there's no sign. At 2AM I get a phone call; "Yo can I come around now? Just one thing... these two girls I work with are with me... can they come round too?".
So I'm in a long term relationship with a girl who, while beautiful, funny and smart, has some - to put it kindly - abandonment and trust issues. I know that if she discovers I had two drunk chicks in my house, even though I had no intention of doing anything untoward, there would be hell to pay. So I argue with my gimp of a friend for about 15 minutes yet in the end I back down and let him come around. The fucker turns up with these two barely standing drunk tarts, proceeds to puke up in my sink, initiates a game of strip poker with them then stumbles off into the night leaving his two associates on my settee in various states of conciousness. Thankfully a couple of my better mates gave them both lifts home (one subsequently got lost taking her home, drove out into the sticks and ended up getting accused of attempting to sexually assault her... a double whammy 'thats the thanks I got' story...)

Flash forward to the next morning... my bitch sister - whom I very much hate and very much intentionally kept awake the night before with loud music and laughter - is spoiling to tell my girfriend that I had a wild fling (total bullshit) with these two chicks, so I pre-emptive strike her and describe the night before to my lovely missus.

As expected she flies off the handle, gives me an earbashing and tells me in not so many words to fuck off. I ring my friend to say "thanks for that one mate"

His response? Via text message: "U shudn't have tld ur girlfriend but I'm not takin da blame for dis one its not my fault."

Anyway I made up with me lady but suprisingly I've not seen that mate around too much recently... the tosser
(, Sun 27 May 2007, 23:55, Reply)

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