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This is a question The Great Outdoors

Deskbound says: Camping! Hiking! Other stuff that's not indoors! Regale us with your tales of the great outdoors, whether it involves being rogerred by the Scout Master or skinning your first rabbit.

(, Thu 29 Mar 2012, 14:49)
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Dossers creek
About a dozen of us around the age of 18 set up camp in some brush near gransha lake in Norn Ironed.
Now tents and such don't generally go up too well when you're on a strict diet of cheap sparkly white wine (lambrino), cider and massive drugs but we managed to get everything set up reasonably well considering our current state even though the entire time most of us were wondering which of the others had shat in their pants. An absolutely abominable smell lingered around camp waster and I even thought I had pooed myself when I kept smelling it while I was on my own.
Turns out we'd all pitched tent right next to the most insect-ridden dead dog anyone has ever seen.
Not being the most active bunch of stoners, we decided rather than take everything down and move we'd pour some flammables on and give poochie a trip to doggy-valhalla.
Turns out barbecued labrador is not a good smell when drunk.

No apologies for length.
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