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This is a question The most cash I've ever carried

There's nothing like carrying large amounts of cash to make yourself feel simultaneously like a lottery winner and an obvious target.

A friend went to buy a car for ten grand, panicked and stuffed it down his pants for safety. It was all a bit smelly by the time he got there and he had to search around for some of it...

Tell us the story behind the most cash you've ever carried.

(, Thu 22 Jun 2006, 10:39)
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When I was about 18
I was asked to pay £20,000 in cash to a person I had never met before by my brother in law to "sort out" a property transaction.

God knows why, but I agreed to do it. As I handed over the dosh, a thought struck me... what if this is a con?

Quick as a flash I decided to ask the guy to sign a receipt for the cash. He was not happy, but eventually agreed so I frantically hunted down some paper and a pen. The best I could do was the back of a phone bill and a red felt tip pen.

Having got the signature, I headed off feeling pleased with myself. It wasn't until I told my B.I.L. about it that I looked at the signature.

Mr T. Watt

The deal went through fine despite me.
(, Thu 22 Jun 2006, 20:08, Reply)

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