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This is a question The Occult

The Occult. Accidentally opened a portal to another dimension? Tell us your tales of the ethereal.

(, Wed 7 Sep 2016, 10:32)
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Whilst some 35 years ago.....
We'd set off on a day hike across the Pennine Way with a plan to stay at the YHA in Mankinholes near Hebden Bridge, and then return home the next day. Armed with a Silva compass and an OS map, the plan was to follow the way to Lumbutts, where the way tracks right to Stoodley Pike, using that as a way point and then descend off of the moor. As I said - plan.

This was October, and the weather was not good with worse coming in from the Yorkshire side. Knowing we wouldn't make it Lumbutts before darkness and the weather arrived I could see in a valley a church with a bright blue clock face (it showed 18:45), so we came off the peaks descending into the valley when the bad weather hit.

Never got to the village with the blue faced clock tower, picking up a minor road that would lead us to Mankinholes.

When we got to the YHA, we described our route we'd followed a trail towards the valley floor with a blue clock faced tower to the keeper. The YHA keeper asked us to show him on the map - and he showed us that there were no villages in that area that would have been visible, let alone one with a clock tower.

Brigadoon? Perhaps, but for me it just confirms that Todmorden and surrounding area is just fucking weird.
(, Sun 11 Sep 2016, 8:22, 8 replies)
Tod does have a very odd atmosphere

(, Tue 13 Sep 2016, 14:26, closed)
half my family are from tod
mytholmroyd is the best name around there.

it's also the area with the most ufo sightings IIRC. basically people are drunk a lot of the time.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2016, 16:31, closed)
You are my colleague's sister and ICMFP!
I always though that the nearby bolt-on and prest-on were odd ways to name a place.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2016, 19:41, closed)

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