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This is a question Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

Smash Wogan writes, "we all love our Mums, but we all know that Mums can be cunts, throwing out our carefully hoarded crap that we know is going to be worth millions some day."

What priceless junk have you lost because someone just threw it out?

Zero points for "all my porn". Unless it was particularly good porn...

(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:32)
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this falls into all three headings
but not in a bad way.

A couple of years after our first cat was put down, we as a family decided to get another one and toddled off to the local cat shelter to see what was what.

Our first cat was an evil, flesh rending, neurotically fussy eating, fluffy animal killing machine with a brian blessed volume miaow siamese / tom halfbreed so we fancied something slightly easier, as in a proper mog.

So wandering around pens of flat headed maniacs, fat smelly toms and distressed old raggy scraps we spotted a couple of cute bundles of giant eyeballed terror. One of them wandered up to me and squeeked quietly and so we had to take them. After being checked out to make sure we were not going to turn them into matching pairs of gloves or sell them to the nearest dodgy restaurant we gained Sparky and Clod, a poor pair of 18 month old painfully shy mogs.

Why so painfully shy? because the previous owners had moved house, thrown away the cats and just left them to get on with it as 1 year olds.

After we picked them up they spent the next 3 months weeing in corners, hiding behind the sofas, running away from us and generally being terrified of all and sundry.

Suddenly one day a little switch went off in these little puss brains, they twigged that these giant pink things loved them, doubled in weight and turned into beautiful, contented bags of purr, who got loved, and loved back.

We had to have Clod put down a couple of years ago after he got some nasty illnesses and ended up as skin and bone at the end, but Sparky is still about and every morning wakes me up with a purr and a nudge.

So to the cunts who threw them away, I wish on you all the misfortune and misery in the world, Clod I miss you, Sparky, you are a cool cat.

edit: Clod was really called Claude, but when being stroked a lot he had a habit of rolling over so you could stroke both sides of him. Many times he kept on rolling and would fall off the bed / sofa / your lap and once fell off the bottom step while trying to eat his own tail, hence being called clod
(, Sun 17 Aug 2008, 20:19, 2 replies)
that's a nice story to read first thing on a Monday morning..... *CLICK*
(, Mon 18 Aug 2008, 10:30, closed)
Have one of the few clicks I've handed out on this QOTW
I know I'd usually come under fire for this, but: I love cats!
(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 13:20, closed)

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