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This is a question Tightwads

There's saving money, and there's being tight: saving money at the expense of other people, or simply for the miserly hell of it.

Tell us about measures that go beyond simple belt tightening into the realms of Mr Scrooge.

(, Thu 23 Oct 2008, 13:58)
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My girlfriends group would regularly head out for a get together at a brilliant little Vietnamese place. The sort of restaurant that would do a vast array of stir fries, noodles and rice dishes all for less that $10 each. The decor wasn't much to look at and the service a little brisk, but everyone would order a main, the food would come all at once and huge feast would be had for very little money.

One hanger on would also attend. At the end of the meal everyone pitched in a tenner and the leftover change was a tip for the staff. Mr hanger on would never contribute the ten dollars with everyone else, instead would count out exact change for the dish ordered, less the amount he'd estimated others had eaten from his plate. He was also keen to be the one to settle the bill. It was a while before they realised he was demanding change at the till and pocketing the tip too. Eight to ten people each tipping a dollar on meals worth an average of nine dollars each. That tight arse ate for free and made a profit every time.
(, Fri 24 Oct 2008, 4:04, 2 replies)
Family meals.
If we go out for a family meal, we have to make sure my brother doesn't leave last as he'll pocket the tip.
(, Fri 24 Oct 2008, 9:05, closed)
One of my friends does this, but he won't pocket the tip as we see him out beforehand. He'll itemize to the cent his purchase, calculate his tax and try for change from the till if he doesn't have it exact. He's the wealthiest of us; and he will occasionally spring for the bill if he knows everyone else is a little short. But if it's not his turn to pay he's just...really, really tight. He's not a bad fellow otherwise, but sometimes...
(, Sat 25 Oct 2008, 22:37, closed)

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