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This is a question Toilets

Toilets are weird half public/half private spaces. All sorts of stuff goes on in them. They are devious entrances and exits from venues, places to have sex, to snort drugs or even, get this, to defecate. Tell us your favourite toilet stories.

(, Fri 2 Sep 2005, 11:11)
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pizza hut poo stitch up...
After having overindulged at our local pizza hut, me and two other mates realized we all needed to drop the kids off at the pool and, anticipating a lack of cubicle facilities, promptly raced to the lavs.

On our arrival, Alex took the one solitary shitter, leaving myself and Dave to form an orderly queue.

Now...many people would just get on with their business and leave, allowing others full use of the facilities...
not our Alex - he decides that this is a good time to start telling jokes, recounting stories of poos from days gone by, and generally being a disgusting bastard.

during a pause for breath, a complete stranger enters and joins the queue, and with a quick conspiritorial glance Dave and I quietly leg it back to our table to muse on the possible consequences of Alex striking up a conversation with his new "friend".

About 10 minutes later, he emerges; face red with embarrassment and a look of pure hate in his eyes.

He'd been merrily chatting away the entire time, steadily lowering the tone to ever decreasing depths until he flushed and exited the cubicle with a climatic:

"It's a good job this toilet isn't full of blood now!"

oh how we laughed - the fool!


btw: on a side note, if listening to flowing water helps you make pee-pee, would the sounds of James Blunt help you poo?

He is such utter shite
(, Mon 5 Sep 2005, 10:54, Reply)

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