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This is a question Training courses, seminars and conferences

Inspirational or a waste of precious slacking-off time? I once went on a buzzword bingo-laden training course which ended up with my being held at gunpoint in public. Could have gone better, to be honest. Tell us your tales from either side of the lectern

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 15:01)
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He didn't walk home....I expect.
Many years ago I was on a two week training course in London. One of the other contestants was a chinese gent who'd been flown over by his company especially to take the course.

At the end of the first day he asked the lecturer where he could find women. After some persistence on his part it was eventually gleaned that he was after intimate female company. So he was directed to the nearest phone box and instructed to examine the cards he would find there.

By the end of the first week of the course, he was limping in with a hollow look in his eyes. At the start of the second week after a whole weekend to amuse himself in, he was starting to look seriously ill. He never made it in for the last day of the course and I never saw him again......I hope he died happy.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 23:39, 1 reply)
great tale of woe.
(, Tue 20 Mar 2012, 7:42, closed)

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