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This is a question Training courses, seminars and conferences

Inspirational or a waste of precious slacking-off time? I once went on a buzzword bingo-laden training course which ended up with my being held at gunpoint in public. Could have gone better, to be honest. Tell us your tales from either side of the lectern

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 15:01)
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Primary school 'Outwards bounds training'
Pitched at our parents as some team building and character development excersise it was clearly some cunning plan for the teachers to get a few days away from their spouses and get up to some extra curricular shennanigans. We were just their alibi.

This was back in the day before health and safety or any teacher fear of being sued so they pretty much let our 10+11 year old asses get up to whatever we wanted. They didn't even bat an eyelid when a group of us returned from a local fishing shop armed with Black widow catapults & hunting knives and proceeded to stab, carve and shoot anything that didn't move.

One memorable prank was that one of our group had brought his fishing rod with him and noticing some trainers being left out to dry on the window ledge of one of the lower stories of the hotel decided to use to fishing rod to steal them. This resulted in one very distressed 11 year old who's lovely new trainers had gone missing, with no alternatives and no clue as to how the hell they had gone missing. I *think* we may have finally owned up after watching him forlornly padding around in his bare feet at the evening meal.

The weirdest thing was one evening there was a terrified shriek from one of the rooms down the corridor. As we all rushed to see what was going on there were 3 girls all white as a sheet insistent that there had been some man staring in through the window at them. Particularly weird as we were all on the 6th storey. Even at the tender age of 10 we still took the opportunity to 'comfort' the poor distressed things until they had calmed down. Still freaks me out to think what they actually saw though.
(, Fri 16 Mar 2012, 10:18, Reply)

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