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This is a question Training courses, seminars and conferences

Inspirational or a waste of precious slacking-off time? I once went on a buzzword bingo-laden training course which ended up with my being held at gunpoint in public. Could have gone better, to be honest. Tell us your tales from either side of the lectern

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 15:01)
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Not quite there yet..
A complaint by a female member of staff led to a long, long lecture from one of the company directors on the evils of sexism, sexual harassment and what did and did not constitute acceptable behaviour .

When the monologue of the deeply obvious had finished, he asked if there were any questions.

To our surprise, there was one. Even more surprisingly, the question was coming from Stuart - or "Stretch", as our amiable 6'5" martial arts loving colleague was known.

"OK Stuart, what is your question about sexual harassment?"

"Please can I have some?"
(, Fri 16 Mar 2012, 15:12, 1 reply)
It takes a lot
to make me feel sorry for either corporate trainers or middle managers, but...
(, Fri 16 Mar 2012, 15:23, closed)

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