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This is a question Training courses, seminars and conferences

Inspirational or a waste of precious slacking-off time? I once went on a buzzword bingo-laden training course which ended up with my being held at gunpoint in public. Could have gone better, to be honest. Tell us your tales from either side of the lectern

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 15:01)
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Alt: On the Down Low
I've done a few 1-5 day training courses for different organisations that I've worked for, each gaining some form of accreditation/qualification.

What I can't stand is having to go back every 1-3 years to do a (usually) 1 day "refresher" course.
That covers a condensed version of the exact same course that I already have a certificate for.

Now granted some of the courses have new info eg. as an OSH rep. I'm supposed to do 1 every year to "stay up to date with changes in regs. & legislation.", despite the fact that one of my responsibility's as OSH rep. is to ensure that I am aware and up to date with all changes in the regulations. Including the pile of journals and spammy emails I get all the fucking time.
But hey you've done 1 fire-safety course you've done most of them. If you can't remember what class of extinguisher to use then I've got a fire on the electrical board that needs putting out. Here use this metal cylinder containing water. You'll be right. Make sure you get your hands good & wet to protect from the heat and best take your rubber-soled safety boots off first.

But it's the rehashing of courses I've already done and qualified for that shits me. I'm not a little Ritalin-addled, gum-chewing, shell-suit wearing monkey with the attention-span of a Japanese tourist on a coach tour whose memory doesn't go beyond how I tied my shoelaces this morning. My memory retention (despite my best efforts by using excessive amounts of alcohol) is actually fairly good. Thus I really don't need my cache to be flushed and the data to be re-entered in a compressed form thank you very much.

EDIT: I have asked in the past if I can just do the test to "re-qualify" (right there - WTF!! Why should I have to re-qualify for something I've already been accredited to do?), but nooooo that would mean I haven't just wasted 8 hrs. in a stuffy room being told the same shit that I learnt 18 odd months ago. Probably by the same instructor at the same bloody place no less!
Starting to think that Hammy1801 is on the right track (minus the disco-biscuit damage) and I should do a train the trainers course then convince everyone that they need to do top-up courses every 2 mths. at double the cost for half the time...
Ohh, btw you know that PhD you just completed - we'll re-evaluate it in 12 mths.
(, Mon 19 Mar 2012, 1:01, 4 replies)
Any hope in salvaging the time?
I've tried to use the opportunity to ...
--update the holiday card and shopping lists,
--edit some S.O.P. Manual or other,
--catch up on reading random regs (or novels, whatever),
--take urgent calls outside the room ("oh, hi Mum!"),
when I've exhausted my efforts to enjoy the rejuvenating effect of a day-away-from-the-office,
I do tend to get myself into trouble.
(, Mon 19 Mar 2012, 7:30, closed)

--usually the same chumps you had to do it with last time.
--unless you're going old skool with a pen & paper - at least that looks like you're taking notes, right? Then most trainers worth their salt ask you to turn your phones/pads/notebooks/whatever off.
--see above.
--see above.
--unless you are on-call (& usually they will know) - no dice.
I missed the reading bit.
--hey if you find reading manuals interesting then we are both in the wrong job.
However - www.b3ta.com/questions/trainingcourses/post1563879
Jesus, I've been trained by some smart bastards!
However. "I'm on call" maybe the new cop-out.
Now I just have to find an "emergency gardening situation"
(, Mon 19 Mar 2012, 7:54, closed)
Not everyone is blessed with such an impressive memory
Personally I have the memory of a concussed goldfish at a weed smoking festival run by the French Foreign Legion.
(, Mon 19 Mar 2012, 9:28, closed)
Well the French
Have to have a foreign legion. Because French men have proved in the past how good they are at fighting wars.
(, Mon 19 Mar 2012, 9:56, closed)

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