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This is a question Little things that turn you on

What are the odd little things that turn you on? OK, so nudity (or a pulse) does it for most people, but everyone's got their own quirks. Tell B3ta about it. It's all the for the best, you know.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 15:16)
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Well, where to start...?
A man's hipbones- the body's true love handles

The hollow in collar bones

Really strong thighs, calves and buttocks

Men with a deeper voice than me who can convincingly talk dirty

Myself- particularly when I strut into a pub and I get all the glances

Also myself quite literally- it's a rare day when I don't have my hand down my pants!

A really full, heavy set of balls. Who ever said that mens bits were ugly?! They're gorgeous! I could cock-watch all day and night. Men, be proud of your bits!

Giving blowjobs- possibly the most satisfying activity ever.

Having my skirt pulled up and my knickers pulled down and the man I'm going to marry burying his face in me and taking a great big lick.

Writing this at work in a crowded office...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just... erm... go to the toilet... *grin*

edit: thanks for the compliments! Y'know, I was actually having a bit of a self-conscious insecure week. But now I feel all sunny and sexy and magnificent once more. A complete Yay to b3ta, b3tans and the impromptu therapy. (Mr Clapper will be pleased!)xxx
(, Tue 22 Feb 2005, 10:27, Reply)

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