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This is a question Little things that turn you on

What are the odd little things that turn you on? OK, so nudity (or a pulse) does it for most people, but everyone's got their own quirks. Tell B3ta about it. It's all the for the best, you know.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 15:16)
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Irish redhead with pigtails handing me a pint of Guinness....

(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 22:53, Reply)
I'd be turned on by a girl with lots of cold orange juice, hot chicken soup, a warm blanket and some painkillers.

Or a guy with the same, actually.

I need to be mothered :(

*cough sneeze splutter*
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 22:42, Reply)
Got a couple more
The moaning sound some girls make when you kiss their necks and the gasp they make when you cause just a little pain when you bite a bit. Or when she presses her body right into your face when you're sucking on her tits.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 22:37, Reply)

Doe-eyed asian girls
with full lips
and explosive mams
or being toned and veiny from the gym
the back of said girls' calves
especially if they keep pace drinking
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 22:25, Reply)
My Mum
in pigtails, with checked skirts and no pants, bending over a fence.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:54, Reply)
Your Mum
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:51, Reply)
in pigtails, with checked skirts and no pants, bending over a fence.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:48, Reply)
oh my god, i'm the best.
if only there were another me, i would become gay.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:36, Reply)

Ok im new and probably shouldnt share but mehk!

Jelly - strawberry...no idea why
Mahogany Tables - oddly all fantasies seem to revolve around these
Tall men, blonde with green eyes and glasses - gotta have glasses they are such a turn-ons
Tim curry in Rocky Horror...and Riff raff...
being tied up standrad bondage really...
Lesbians...dont know why...
Actually anything odd truns me on and alot of the usual...i gues im a horny little minx...oh well!!! hehehe...ooo gotta have a fit ass...mmmm hehehehehehe....:D
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:35, Reply)
Harry Potter
Not the character, nor even the actor who plays him (don't worry, I'm no pedo---I'm a teenager myself). Actually, two minor characters in the books. The third movie included them and really, there is nothing better than seeing grown men act out children's lit...

Other things:
Scottish accents
Gay boys (I'm a straight female)
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 21:29, Reply)
One of my friends at (warwick)Uni has a thing for coats. He has been know to perform dubious act involving them. He also works in the RAG cloakroom at uni which is quite disturbing but not as disturbing as what he's bragged about doing in there.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 20:49, Reply)
That new plastic smell
Brand new beach balls and various inflatable things. MMM! I snort it like coke.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 20:11, Reply)
Having the girlfriend
fall asleep on me (not during anything!), she's usually woken up soon after she falls asleep *grins*
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 19:25, Reply)
Winning at Scrabble
ooooh yeaah
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 19:18, Reply)
Bald girls
and armpits
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 18:50, Reply)
Turn Ons
Anonymous sexy emails. Women who are desperate for a pee. That first taste when my tongue touches a moist pussy.

Hmmm. I have better stop now, otherwise I will need to go somewhere to 'relieve' myself. And I am already shortsighted, too many more will make me completely blind.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 18:36, Reply)
i generally get the shorter
fatter friend of a babe, in a jumper with glasses and a limp when it's damp outside. These women get overlooked usually because their friend is so classically beautiful. The last one i found was an absolute bedroom gymnast pushing back off walls and calling me bitch and stuff. fucking ace!!

That little look up at you that they do as they lick the end of your willywoggles really gets me! mmmmmmmmm
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 18:15, Reply)
Tits. Well real ones anyway. Nice and big and firm. And legs, and bums.
Girls in football shirts - YUM!
Good looking posh birds that you can imagine being dirty. Like Kirsty from Location X3.
Sexy regional accents.
Girls who look the business but don't act like they know they are.
Double Garlic Burgers with Large Fries.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 18:09, Reply)
Women Mainly
The look in a girls eyes when I've just made her orgasm. That kind of misty, dreamy far-away look.

The flush over a girls breasts and face when I've got them really turned on.

Pants, moans and screams... (and that's just me..)

Tits. Big ones, little ones - I don't care. I love them all.

Intelligent women. I *love* smart women. Some of the jokes I tell can be a bit obscure and I often see people gazing blankly at me as the tumbleweeds go rolling on by. I hate having to explain jokes. Ruins them.

Women who like to laugh. One of the great loves of my life (she wasn't psychotic so I dumped her - fool) had the most fantastic laugh and giggle. Even now I can still hear her laugh in my head. God! Get away from me ghosts!

Skin. I just love women's skin. Especially firm, smooth, resilient skin. Conversely, the biggest turn off for me is flabby, untoned skin. The sort where you press your fingers in and the mark takes five minutes to fade.


(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 17:51, Reply)
This isn't me
but some of my sister-in-law's clients. My sister-in-law is a buxom lass who works as a "glamour model" for "photographers". Basically she takes money off dirty men and then lets them take photos of her in any which way.

My favourite thing that she's done for someone's photo collection is wear a mohair jumper with the neck pulled up to her nose, holding a folding shopper bike, in a muddy field... that actually floated someone's boat.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 17:27, Reply)

i dunno what it is... but nice ginger hair is sexeh :3
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 17:10, Reply)
Arsey black rudegirls
who think KFC is classy.

I'm skinny and white and English and somehow think that Missy Elliot would be my perfect match. She fine.

But realistically - short blond funny girls, like Sally Phillips or That One With The Big Eyes From Coupling.
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 16:38, Reply)
Thank you big sven...
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 16:22, Reply)
I was watching a video on laser processing in a lecture and I felt some sturrings, there was a sexy husky narrator (female) and an 80's porno soundtrack with lots of ooooOOOhhh's in the music.

Well lasers are cool.

Woo! first post
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 15:38, Reply)
Girls who make me go weak at the knees, girls who make the butterflies in my stomache get jiggy.

Aside from that, tallish slim, black haired goth girls, with that i'm ever so cute big eyed look that says, "i'm cute but i'm in charge".

Does it for me every time.

Oh and the answers in this thre... What do you mean it's been said before?
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 15:14, Reply)
dating agency
it seems to me that we could set up a rather interesting dating agency on this list - pairing up single people who fit each others criteria (although worried this would turn into a dodgy version of blind date (and the original was dodgy enough!))

and for me, it would be satin (girls in satin pjs or knickers, feels v good against the skin). and phone sex is ALWAYS good!

and for the men lamenting the fact of being single (or which i include myself from time to time), i remind you of the quote from Annie Hall (paraphrased) - masturbation, it's sex with someone you love

[i feel compelled to end this with "First post - woo!" as is the style, but will shy away from this]

oh, bugger
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 14:55, Reply)
Licks her lips
That perfect bit of Skin down the side of the Thigh/Croatch, it's like an escalator to heaven!

Feeling hot whispering breath on your neck.

Being bitten............anywhere!

Loud sex (Knowing your neighbours can hear you!!!)

Hungry Kisses.

Filthy talk, and I mean Vile!!!

Clammy Summer Sex.

Stubble rubbing the inside of your thighs!!

Being Spanked, and I don't mean some limp wristed attempt either do it like you mean it!!

As i'm a bit of a pendulum and swin g both ways also:

Bum cleavage on cute girlies

Seeing hard nipples through a top.

That little yelp of pleasure some girls let out when you kiss them just right!!

Apologies but I have always been a fan of length!!
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 14:55, Reply)
but i used to know someone
who wanted girls to crap in his mouth.

takes all sorts i suppose*

*not me i hasten to add
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 14:02, Reply)
men's necks. especially my boyfriend's it's perfect.

Also, men who giggle. It's totally disarming and very sexy.

In addition, freckles on dark skin.

my man is just purrrr-fect, 3 for 3
(, Wed 23 Feb 2005, 14:02, Reply)

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