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This is a question Tales of the Unexplained

Flying saucers. Big Cats. Men in Black. Satan walking the Earth. Derek Acorah, also walking the Earth...

Tell us your stories of the supernatural. WoooOOOooOO!

suggestion by Kaol

(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 10:03)
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Spooky Be-bop recording session
I don't believe in God or ghosts....
Recording session in the 1980's on a 4 track Portastudio.
We were recording a Charlie Parker tune called Billie's Bounce.
Track 1) Simmons Drum kit. Those hexagonal things popular in the 80's.
Track 2) Bass guitar.
Track 3) Rhythm guitar.

Before recording the final track we rewound the tape and turned up the speakers to listen to the song as it was recorded so far.

We looked at each other in total terror.
We both heard the same thing, at the same time.

There was someone singing on the track.

We hadn't recorded any singing. It was a gruff male voice singing scat style (Doobdoobie dobie dooo wop dayyyy! like on the Fast Show Jazz club sketch)
It was in tune, in time and it even sounded good.
We checked the recording the next day and it was gone.
Scared us shitless.
(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 22:22, 3 replies)
It was
The spirit of jazz.
Spirit of Jazz
(, Fri 4 Jul 2008, 0:13, closed)
(, Mon 7 Jul 2008, 15:56, closed)
holy crap
I didn't expect that picture, made me jump a little... *looks embarrassed*
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 9:50, closed)

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