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This is a question Tales of the Unexplained

Flying saucers. Big Cats. Men in Black. Satan walking the Earth. Derek Acorah, also walking the Earth...

Tell us your stories of the supernatural. WoooOOOooOO!

suggestion by Kaol

(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 10:03)
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I've died and come back!!
Long time ago I was playing 'golf' with a friend. Our gear consisted of a driver, 7 iron, 9 iron, a putter and a slack handful of worn golfballs purchased from a Pawn Shop.

We were playing in the old 'Welfare Grounds' which was basically a few playing fields and a cricket pitch. Before heading out to play my mum had warned us not to get into any trouble. The cricket team particularly didnt like the idea of kids belting golf balls across the cricket pitch!!

We'd basically welly the balls around and aim for the general direction of a corner of one of the playingfields where we'd dug a small hole as the cup, staying clean or the cricket pitch. A far cry from hoodies, buckfast and stabbings we see in todays youth!

I'd taken my shot (badly) and was standing off to one side waiting for the other kid to take his shot. He took an almight swing with a 7 iron, missed the ball and the next thing I remember is hearing ringing inside my head, getting tunnel vision and seeing the ground coming up to meeet my face. I didnt feel the blow at all but I kinda knew right away what had happened even as I saw the grass (in minute detail) coming up to meet me....or rather as I fell down to meet it.

This is where it gets strange and it also happened a long time before I knew about out of body experiences.
I remember ‘the tunnel of light’ a bit like the worm hole from Stargate really. I felt compelled to go to the end of it and when I got there it was like I was stood in a large open space. There was something that resembled mist or fog, thick enough that I couldn’t make out the people around me in detail, but thin enough that I could see them moving around. In the middle of this area was what I can only describe as a white fence with a gate of sorts and thats when I knew ‘shit was wrong’!!

There in the fog on the other side, barely visible, but instantly recognisable by her voice was my grandmother saying ‘’You’ve got to come with me now Tony (for that is my name). Come over here, it’s alright. Come on across’’. Somehow my mind told me what was happening and I had a crystal clear thought that whatever happened had killed me outright and that if I did as I was told, I’d be dead and stuck in whatever place this was!
I turned to her and said ‘’No, I can’t come over. I promised mum that I wouldn’t get into any trouble’’ She replied that I wouldn’t be in any trouble but I just kept repeating myself, adamant that I couldn’t do as she asked because I’d get in trouble.
Things get freakier right about now.......she says ‘’It’s your choice.’’ And the next thing I know, I’m falling, not through nothinginess, but I am falling out of the sky!! It’s like I was about 1000 feet in the air, I could see everything below me in detail. I could see the railway embankment off to one side with two people walking a dog along the top of it, the main road, the whole of the fields and there, right below me I could see Stevie shaking a very limp and prostate ‘me’!! I literally fell right INTO myself again. I can only imagine its the feeling that a parachutist with a bad chute gets as he is heading right for the ground. I ‘hit’, not the ground, but my body.
I jolted up off the ground, gasping, head pounding. Putting my hands to my head I pulled them away and they were red, soaked in thick blood. It was pumping out of a huge gash in my head, eyebrow an chin where the golf club had sliced across my face. I started screaming, like a fookin schoolgirl. IT hurt like a beatch, my head was pounding and I just kept screaming in sheer pain and shock.
As I pulled myself up off the ground, we headed as quick as we could towards Stevies house but I had to stop after about 50 yards through the dizziness, it was then that I spotted the two people and dog running across the field from the gap in the fence in the railway embankment, dog running alongside them. I was sure then that something fookin weird had happened.
I never mentioned any of this to anyone, literally not for 10 or more years, then confided in my mum about everything that happened. What I didn’t know is what Stevie had told everyone after I was rushed off to the hospital for a few stitches and a lot of ice packs on my head. He told them that after I hit the ground I wasn’t breathing. For 2 or 3 minutes he panicked and was just shaking me harder and harder, then I just jumped like I’d had an electric shock and thats when the screaming started.
I’ve had many, many weird things happen to me, probably enough to fill a whole QOTW and keep everyone entertained. Maybe post some more later! As for this experience, all I can say is that for some reason, I believe you get three chances to leave this life. The first two you get a choice, but the third is final. Dont ask me why that thought is in my head, it just is. Cats get nine ffs!!!!
(, Fri 4 Jul 2008, 23:20, 1 reply)
I like the theory at the end
even though i don't honestly agree because if you had "lives" as such in the computer game sense then surely there'd be a hell of a lot more people going on about out of death experiences instead of the tiny amount we hear about
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 4:24, closed)

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