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This is a question B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

We voted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as B3ta's Person of the Year. Who do you have as 2010's scoundrel and why?

(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 12:34)
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ha ha
and oddly enough as popes go not the most evil by a long chalk
most where involved in some form of incest, murder or lavish self indulgence while the peasantry starved. Just a few to be getting on with:
Pope Pius XII - Hitler's pope
Pope John XII - turned the vatican into a brothel, castrating and murdering subdeacons, devil worship (yes, devil worship)
Pope Alexander VI - illegitimate children by numerous women, extortion, casual murder
Pope Leo X - rampant pedophile, died in bed while in the act with an underage boy
Pope Clement VI - described as “a sinner among sinners.”
Papal Bulls ... 1571 ... 1591 ... Pope Gregory XIV licences the Jesuits to rewrite history ... to amend dates and facts as they see fit.

in fact the WHOLE catholic religion and the Jesuits

oh and by the way the current pope has a 23 year old boyfriend, not a very secret secret in some circles
(, Fri 24 Dec 2010, 0:13, 2 replies)
Alrite The Goat
I hope that you get a new and improved tinfoil hat for Christmas
(, Fri 24 Dec 2010, 8:38, closed)
but WHAT ARE the 39 steps?
(, Fri 24 Dec 2010, 8:45, closed)

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