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This is a question Losing Your Virginity

Let's explode some myths here. Personally, I ended up severely bruised from, erm, over exertion and was so embarrassed I hid for days. I really fancied her too.

Confess all to B3ta

(, Thu 3 Mar 2005, 8:37)
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First time, brown wings and firearms
My old University mate Doug lost his cherry to a girl he had met in his local while his parents were on holiday.

They both were drunk and went back to his folks house where they made the beast with two backs on his parents brand new white leather sofa.

She had been around the block before and said that she liked it up the arse - what she hadn't told him was that she had also come on..

Anyway in the hungover aftermath of him losing his cherry, he found that the expensive soft leather sofa was splattered and stained in cum, shit and blood. He tried his best to clean it - but the damage was done.

When his parents came back from holiday the first thing they saw was the ruined furniture. Doug panicked not knowing how to tell them the truth - so he blamed the dog for shitting on the sofa.

His Father took the dog outside and offed it with his shotgun.
(, Thu 3 Mar 2005, 16:29, Reply)

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