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This is a question Losing Your Virginity

Let's explode some myths here. Personally, I ended up severely bruised from, erm, over exertion and was so embarrassed I hid for days. I really fancied her too.

Confess all to B3ta

(, Thu 3 Mar 2005, 8:37)
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Condoms, condoms and more condoms.
Hmmm. I was 20. She was 16. I was about to leave home after finishing Uni to live 200 miles away. Lovely summer's day, in my bed. She was worried about getting pregnant, so I slipped on a condom. And then "what if it breaks, can you put another on?". And a third.

Doing the dirty with three layers of latex between the old fellow and her lovely wet virginal virgina meant I felt bugger all. After ten or fifteen minutes, she had got off, and was now getting sore. I could still feel nothing.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 18:50, Reply)

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