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This is a question Voyeurism

Enzyme asks "Have you ever accidentally seen something intimate and private and... well... ended up watching? Or found that others had been watching you?"

(, Thu 11 Oct 2007, 18:14)
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late entry...
No illusions of making the front page for this one, but just need to get it off my chest.

When I was working in Ye Olde London earlier this year, the time came for my review.

Boss was (and still is) a great bloke, so we retired to the pub down the road. Southwark Tavern, if you must know. Those of you that know this wonderful establishment, will be familiar with the vaults downstairs where you can sit in the little cubicles and have a quiet bevvy.

We proceeded to do this, and go through my role and responsibilities and feedback on my peformance etc, etc.

Now, while the vaults are self contained and pretty private, there are windows between some of them, which means you still have to whisper on Quiz night.

Anyway, early in my review I happened to glance over my bosses shoulder, through the window, and low and behold, what do I see?

A couple having a bit of a romp in the next vault.

I didn't see any minges or cocks flying around, so this is pretty tame by this QOTW's respones.

But can you imagine trying to hold a serious conversation about your career while some skank in a denim skirt is bouncing up and down on a grinning loon's todger, all this appearing to happen ON your bosses shoulder?

After a few minutes the boss noticed that I was somewhat distracted, looked over his shoulder and offered to delay the more serious aspects of our chat until the loon had had his fill, so to speak. Respect.
(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 3:03, Reply)

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