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This is a question Waste of money

I once paid a small fortune to a solicitor in a legal case. She got lost on the way to court, turned up late with the wrong papers and started an argument with the judge, who told her to "shut up, for the love of God". A stunning investment.

Thanks to golddust for the suggestion

(, Thu 30 Sep 2010, 12:45)
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He'd be the same number of kilos anywhere as kg is a measure of mass, not weight. Your weight changes according to gravitational field, but your mass does not.
(, Tue 5 Oct 2010, 12:00, 1 reply)
To be really pedantic
a) He should have given his weight in Newtons. BUT

b) It's clearly hyperbole, as "his own weight" (or mass) of wine in a single session would be enough to kill him. Assuming he masses 80kg, that's something more than 80l of wine, which would be about 10l of pure alcohol.

d) What happened to c)?

c) Ah, there it is

A typical apple weighs about 1 Newton. Neat, that.
(, Tue 5 Oct 2010, 15:08, closed)

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