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This is a question The Weird Kid In Class

There was a kid in my class who stood up every day and told everyone he had new shoes. This went on for weeks, and we all thought him nuts. Then, one day, he stood up and told us a long story about why his family were moving to another part of the country, and how excited he was. The next thing we heard was that he'd died in a plane crash.

Let's hear about the weird kid in your class...

(, Fri 19 Jan 2007, 10:18)
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In no particular order:

Sharon M: (primary school)Constant runny nose, a bit odd, always pissed herself. Turns out, her dad was fucking her on a very regular basis from the age 8-19 or summat. Fucking sicko. I wrote song about her to the tune of "Hey Mona" by that cunt from neighbors.

Arthur Bullock. Seriously. He'd wander around with his prince valiant hair cut, trousers three inches too short pulled right up a la Simon Cowell. He'd pick pennies up off the floor. We'd all save up bits of change then lob across the canteen. You should have seen him go!

Hannah Rains (she got no brains!) Proper deep voice, big biiiig face. a bit of a loner. had a tendancy to piss herself. In secondary school.

Alyus Jedi Robertson Suggert. Honest! He looked like an umpalumpa, and he could uni cycle and juggle, ha ha

The usual assortmant of downs and cripples. I didn't think they should have been in a proper school tbh, but I'm a cunt.

sorry these are shit, but it's the best I can do.
(, Mon 22 Jan 2007, 16:45, Reply)

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