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This is a question The Weird Kid In Class

There was a kid in my class who stood up every day and told everyone he had new shoes. This went on for weeks, and we all thought him nuts. Then, one day, he stood up and told us a long story about why his family were moving to another part of the country, and how excited he was. The next thing we heard was that he'd died in a plane crash.

Let's hear about the weird kid in your class...

(, Fri 19 Jan 2007, 10:18)
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I'm fairly ashamed to admit this
But we used to devise questionnaires to see how much the fat, piss-odoured, ginger girl in our class weighed and how often she washed.

Important scientific information I'm sure you'll agree.

Oh and then there was the boy who sat in the reading corner and covered himself in mini-boglins - he allegedly shat on the bench in the school playground.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 15:32, Reply)
ohh ,sooooooo many bad memories
i was the wierd kid. started out ok-ish, very quiet and all that, then the very large comprehencive in my very small town kinda killed all that. by sixth form i was more than a little unhinged. one hinge short of a squeaky gate shall we say. well, my forte in the world of wierd was self abuse. not the private cut my arms 'cos "nobody understands me" style, but the truley great brittish "that sounds like a challenge, lets do it and be back in time for tea and biscuits" type. challenges included crawling half naked on my belly for half a mile, doing 1000 consecutive forward rolls (better than hash.... apparently), jumping from the roof, runing headlong into ~475 yr 9 10 and 11 comprehencive kids in the snowball fight weating only my trousers for cover (resulted in an amusing cramp of both knees, lots of bruises, cuts, and scrapes and being carried into biology) being jumped on from 3 feet by the other 6thform weirdo, lots of other stuff. the head of science used to call me the ginger tosser (in defference to GAME ON), in hindsight im not that wierd. at least i didnt wank of in spanish, or have sex in the back of the cinima (deep impact).

edit, i just remembered, i was the kid who learned EVERYTHING about firearms, explosives, boobietraps, landmines, tanks, cars, survival food, etc etc, "just incase" and "you wont be laughing come the revolution"
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 15:25, Reply)
oCo that's just reminded me...
there was a lad at school called Davidson who also sported a rather fetching briefcase - or attache case if you're posh, he also talked really posh compaired to the rest of us northern monkeys. (although he wasn't and he lived on the council estate near the school and his mum drove a shite green mini).

He used to delight in exlpaining complex maths theorems to us and he knew almost everything (for a 14 year old anyway).

Funnily enough years later at college there was this guy who looked and sounded very similiar but wore a straw boater-hat and a light cotton suit all the time. He too was a polymath and a really nice guy as well but still very very weird.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 15:25, Reply)
kids are just odd anyway
Kid called 'gerbil', because he ate pencils. This was made simpler for him by the fact he had two rows of teeth. In hindsight, 'shark' might've been more appropriate, but our simple infant minds were not aware of that factoid.

Another child used to stand by the football pitch and spin. With his arms out.

Another one, during a football match (whilst playing, I add) when the ball was at the other end, would start doing balletic leaps and suchlike. Totally oblivious to the kicking he would shortly receive. He was also in the school choir. His surname was Hoare. Bullying ensued.

There was a girl who, on a school trip, insisted she had eczema. And that the cream for it was what was in her pants. Not shite. Oh no. This is the same girl who embarked on a scheme to snare a man by getting my friend to date him, then unceremoniously dump him, then she would comfort him and they would love each other forever. Too many Just 17 issues, I think. This fell apart when my friend fell for him. It's 12 years later, they're still together, and have three children. She wasn't so much odd, I suppose, as very, very, very dim.

My brother knew a kid who couldn't stop lying. He said he had a swimming pool, but when my brother went over the kid said they had it put underground thunderbirds-style so that they could play football instead.

As a teenager, I used to have to look after this little girl, who would insist on being called 'supergirl', would wear a cape made out of a sofa throw and would punch stuff off shelves to show her 'strength'. Makes sense for a 5 year old. She was 14. She's perfectly normal now, it must have been a phase.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 14:39, Reply)
A Generally socially inept individual, lets call him Munkey,
There are a number of incidents during the 14 years i was at school with Munkey. Having suffered 6 years of junior school with him i was mortified to find out he somehow managed to pass his 12+ and get to the same fucking grammar school as me. With hindsight he did get picked on a bit but mostly he brought it on himself. His list of incidents in no particular order include:

Throwing a rounders bat at a class mates head before having a spas out at the teacher, stripping to his boxers, throwing his shoes at her and walking out of school.

Thinking he was awesome at football but was actually a malco. He would dive for free kicks in playgound kick abouts wtf.

After rugby in games one day where i had hammered him pretty hard in a fair tackle he tried to kill me. He pushed my temple against the clothes pegs in the changing rooms. I don't remember much of double maths in the afternoon (maybe thats cos maths was shit).

Sat on the bus he punched someone in the back of the head for no reason. When we tried to dish out a little retribution for the attack he ran away (on a bus) then cried (aged 15).

Banned from Wycombe Wanderers ground for three years for foul and abusive language to home and away fans.

He was at the same new years party as me, he got fucked by about 11, puked in the garden. while vomiting of the side of the bench tried to chat up a bird who took pity in him. He ended up getting headbutted by someone after pissing off a few to many people.

someone spat in his mouth once from quite a distance, i dont condone spitting on people but it was funny.

that is all...maybe
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 14:27, Reply)
The one at my school.
Nicknamed "Beaver" for reasons unknown (no teeth defects or penchant for eating wood), this chap was a constant source of entertainment. As I remember, he had been expelled in Year 7 for general mis-behavior but in Year 10 he was allowed to return, having been expelled from several other schools.

Upon his return, a whole barrel of rumours started to circulate regarding Beaver, the most commonly known being:
-He had sucked off a dog.
-He had placed a carrot into his bottom and ran into a room of people, whilst naked
-He had taken up eating fag butts, earning himself the additional alias "Fag-butt"

As well as a whole plethora of others regarding sexual activities with various household pets, criminal activites and nude encounters with the fairer sex.

Shortly after his return, he was expelled again following a now legendary incident, which having been witness to myself I treasure as part of my heritage.

The story goes:
He walked very calmly out of a classroom during the middle of a lesson, went into a sixth-form study room and climbed into a loft hatch. He then (so he claimed) had a few wanks, then did a poo on a plate (which I assume he had taken with him especially for said poo) and threw the plate down through the hatch. I saw the plate, and the poo.

He was expelled shortly after.

Since school, I believe he has been to prison twice, for twonking cars, and can still be found having naked japes at the most inappropriate of times.

I'd make a joke about length, but I'm new to this and feel its not really my place.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 14:18, Reply)
There was this kid who was not using a rucksack or school bag like everyone else to carry his books and stuffs, he had a briefcase like the average business man.
His briefcase was heavy, but not because he was carrying lots of books like the rest of us : he was carrying pétanque boules, because "you never know when you're going to play".
I've never seen him play the pétanque : no one else was weird enough to carry heavy boules all day to play with him.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 14:15, Reply)
Jim Henson presents...
I had the misfortune of spending 9 years of my school career in the same English class as a muppet known affectionately by his equally muppet-ish mates as 'Pudding'. It was obvious just by looking at the poor kid that he was what was known in ye olden days as 'Retarded' (cf: Sex Education for Trainables, b3ta links). Many instances of his manifest stupidity and general muppetry include him pouring a litre of paint-water (water...with paint residue in it) into my lap - without being provoked I might add - and causing my skirt to become see through...hmmm.

Another time, a few years later whilst biding my time in Year 10 English (refusing cannabis joints from fellow classmates during lessons, general idle chat etc), 'Pudding' struck again and, at one particularly boring point during the lesson, climbed onto his desk, jumped from his desk onto mine and proceeded to do some kind of erotic dance. Then he climbed out of the window and scaled the building.

Needless to say, he didn't do very well out of life. Last I heard he was working in the glorious construction industry at entry level. Some poor bugger has to...

Length? Sounds better in metric.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 14:14, Reply)
Mixed Nuts
Ah the weird kids, always loved their quirks I just know I'll remember the best ones after I've posted this.

First guy who srpings to mind for me right now is an emotinally fragile smelly child called Lachlan whom I went to school with in the first year of primary school. No one really liked this kid especially for his smell and his general ineptitude at getting along with the human race and because he teased the girls. Anyway I'll always remember the day he discovered that if he closed his eyes, he could not see the remainder of the class and thus (obviously) we must not be able to see him either. The music teacher left the room for a few seconds Lachlan couldn't wait to test his discovery, and set about knocking things off tables, breaking the metronome pulling hair and running around in circles. Occassionally he would open his eyes grinning at his devious genious and quickly get a glance of his surroundings before returning to his stealthy invisibility. He continued to do this even after the teacher returned and told him to stop, saying that "You can't see me" through giggles. When he finally decided to stop the evil bitch of a music teacher who hated children was fuming and yelled at him causing him to break down into tears that bursted out of his face with incredible force. Poor Lachlan was so insistent that it wasn't him who had done it because she couldn't see him. You know it's a funny thing I seem to dislike Lachlan's in general I still bitterly remember the stupid square shaped Donkey Kong of a kid by that name, who effortlessly attracted the affections of one to whom I'd held a candle for some time.

In later years there was the strange boy who went by the name of Millington or 'Meatball'... for some reason. He was slightly cross eyed, which certainly didn't help, and arrived at my high school fleeing persecution at his previous, unfortunately for him word had travelled and people who were friends with Meatball's old peers had spread the word. He would routinely arrive at school with a very tightly wound piece of high visibility traffic tape with 'danger' printed on it, which he wore round his head. I remember speaking to the guy once in a conversation that was actually civil which really was not something he was used to given the rather shabby treatment he'd received, no doubt due to his obviousness as a target. The conversation was quite uneventful until midway through he gave me the finger, I chuckled and asked him why he did that and he thought for a few seconds and honestly did no know why
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 13:19, Reply)
Courier stories ay?
In my last role at a customer service position, I had the honour of fielding the phone call from one of our valued clients regarding our most heinous delivery driver. He had lasted about two weeks at that point, and we took to avoiding him whenever he walked in to drop off the takings. He smelled bad, was morbidly obese and about 6' 5", had no discernible line between his facial, head or body hair (and dyed the lot black one time on a whim), was as thick as two short planks and generally gave off an air of doom.

Anyhoo, this day, my customer called, hemming and hawing and generally struggling to come to the point. Turns out, this guy had asked where the bathroom was, and upon hearing that he'd have to lug his stupid fat frame up all of ten steps to use the facilities, decided to relieve himself against the window of the building. In full view of breakfasting customers. In Melbourne's CBD.

I was flabbergasted, but not as badly as when we fielded another call an hour later that he was doing the same thing, in an even busier place, against the side of his own truck.

He was very sad to lose his job as he was about to become a father....egads.

(I was too lazy and scared of dredging up the past to go into school stories, but suffice to say that a lot of them probably did feature myself as the main character. Oh, but being the shining nerdy star I was I got away with a lot, including the time I had enough of the whispering and bitchiness, stood up in class, swore at people at the top of my voice for a bit, and walked out of the school).
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 13:10, Reply)
ah, glyn
the biggest freak in the year. founding (and only) member of the model train society "grammarail"; enormous square glasses; greasy hair and spots that he would pick dreamily and let the resulting mixture of creamy pus and scarlet blood run down his face until even the teacher would scream at him to mop it up.

glyn, who persisted in wearing a huge climbing hook on his school trousers, complete with the photo of his female geek counterpart (except that she was the only one whereas there were many male geeks so she was able to spurn him for someone cooler) dangling off it.

glyn, who would routinely come into lessons to find his desk had been moved into the hall.

glyn, whose very name was enough to make first years fall about laughing.

glyn, who asked me out right in front of the english faculty window, which was open by the way, and which resulted in muffled teacher snorts from inside. i was never ever responsible for picking on him or anyone else, bullying makes me feel sick, but i did draw the line at being the third girl he'd asked out that month and turn him down in a less than gentle fashion........

makes me think though. i mean, i loved school, i had an absolutely fab time with great teachers and lovely friends, most of whom i am still as close to as ever some 10 years on. but the experience of other people, even in the same year, was probably v different.

meh, overdrafts, wrinkles and grey hairs are more worrying now i guess...
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 12:57, Reply)
I joined my high school in year 8, and since I didn't know anyone I was quite desperate to fit in. After about a month or so, several people started remarking that I looked uncannily like a lad called Ashley, who had left at the end of year 7, before I joined. As I said, I was desperate to make friends so I kept namedropping the unknown fellow, and suggesting I looked like him to people who I had only just met just to get a bit of common ground.

It was shortly afterwards that I found out what he did during his brief stay at the school. The most common story was the time he went mental and tried to run away from home, only to phone his parents 1 hour later from a phone box in some rural Norfolk village asking to be picked up because he was lost.

Worse still was the story of his 'special move' which was called a 'stretchy'. Apparently it involved stretching his foreskin to epic proportions whilst naked in the changing rooms after PE. And to make matters worse, then running into the girls changing room whilst performing said act.

I stopped comparing myself to him after that. I very nearly ended up as the weird kid!

Apologies for length, would have been shorter if I hadn't strecthed it.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 12:46, Reply)
You've gone all moral. I'm scared.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 12:32, Reply)
Where do i start
Back in high school we were fortunate to have a slightly dim, very overweight and hideous 'girl'.

I seem to remember one day in sixth form she got up in front of the class and ran to the front and started banging her head against the wall shouting "THE VOICES! ARGH!".

Happy times.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 11:50, Reply)
the things one remembers
Also a boy called Peter Greenham did not argue when outed for orally copulating his parents racing greyhounds. He instead smiled a vile slobbering drooling grey tiny animal toothed smirk.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 11:22, Reply)
A stationery boy and a hot chick
In Primary school it was Ken the Pen. Unlike my mates and I who played the normal kiddie type games Ken pursued a more individual pursuit that being sticking pens of all sizes and colour combinations up his arse each afternoon down by the creek. His favourite spot being under a large weeping willow. Strangely I don't remember him ever being villified or mistreated for this, we just left him to it. In High shool a girl called Anne wore a jumper over her uniform every day for the entire 5 years of high school. In Brisbane Australia we have brutal summers mostly 30 celsius and upwards and in those days only the headmaster had airconditioning.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 11:05, Reply)
Couriers too...
Never mind postmen, couriers must also have been the weird kids at school.
I get regular visits from the little fellas, and the best ones are..

1. Big fat sociopath who wont bring boxes into my first floor office as he's "not trained to".
Not trained to what? Use the lift? His Brains?

2. The courier who turned up last week with a 36 box order (each box around 30Kgs) and had no trolley and no means of getting it into the building. He asked if we had one. When answered in the negative he suddenly developed a bad back.

3. The quiet one who wont look you in the eye and at 8am smells of a good hard day's B.O.

4. The one who went postal over the phone when it became apparent that he couldnt park right outside our office, but had to stop in a loading bay 100metres away.

Anyone with any other courier related stories, please tell them as the current topic seems to have run its course.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 10:37, Reply)
slow kid
There was this guy I went to the same college with, younger brother of a good friend of mine.

Well, poor chap seemed borderline downs syndrome, although in actuality there was nothing wrong with him. But he was slightly dim, and spoke in a kind of muffled but bellowing voice.

One of his special moments include me visiting this friend and both of us in descending the stairs at his parents home, find him at the bottom of the stairs on the phone with his trousers round his ankles. He had heard us coming so he had the foresight to have at least pulled his keks up, but it was obvious what he had been up to. "what the hell are you doing" we ask. "Just relaxing". lol. Discovered later he had run up 1000's of pounds of phone bill on premium rate numbers.

Anyway, most memorable moment was as follows.

The college we all attended had a fairly large carpark. One day a mutual friend with the last name coombes was at one end of this car park. The special person at the other, he decides to attract his attention.

loud, repeated bellowed shouts of "COOMBES", "COOMBES", "COOMBES". Try to imagine what this would sound like being shouted by a slightly retarded shouty person.

Unfortunately some coloured gentlemen misheard this and confronted the special person.

"Why you shouting coons at us? Why you calling us coons?"

"fuck off ah didunt"

Suffice to say he got a good kicking, sporting a black eye for some time - unfortunate I do agree, but he will forever be remembered for this.

No apologies for anything whatsoever.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 10:23, Reply)
frankspencer for B3tan of the year award!!!
Blonde Frankspencer (73)this years nominee for B3tan of the year award sed today; 'fucksocks....will this increase the power of my fanny magnet?'
notice his fiddling with his anatomy this reporter made his excuses and left.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 10:08, Reply)
You are a total wanker. end
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 10:00, Reply)
At primary school
I was the weird kid as I didn't show my dick at the monthly meetings of the show-your-dick-club in the park that surrounded the school.

From those days I also remember the occasional first time periods of this whole family of fat inbred girls. The worst of them all was Jeanne. Utter chav. She once screeched, mid-lunchtime play, "Well, I guess I'm off to the loos then!", attracting the attention of the whole playground. And getting this attention automatically focused at the groin area of her worn-out tights. Blood all over the place. As that was the very first time smelly J. received some proper attention, she kept standing there demonstratively for the rest of the break. It reached her ankles for gods sake.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 9:57, Reply)
And another...
There was 2 brothers, one in the year above me, we'll call him B, and one in the year below who we'll call C (for Cunt). The one in the year below was the topmost bastard in my school and was basically just an argumentative little twat. It was no surprise when he started hanging about the ned (chav) crowd which included a guy who sellotaped his cock to that of another guy, a guy who used to stand up, take his tweeds down, point his arse at the teacher and fart and two girls whom we all knew could suck-start a combine harvester. Needless to say, he fitted like a glove. He was also as thick as Irish cement, leaving school with a sum total of fuck-all qualifications.

His brother in the year above me on the other hand was quite quiet and generally never bothered anyone. He was also, however, as slow as a week in Cleethorpes. Added to this though, he was also freakishly strong despite looking like a light breeze would break him. Both brothers were frequently reminded just how dim they were by everyone in the school, even the primary school kids.

So anyway, C is tooling about with his chav pals one day just after school kicked out and they decide to do something typically useless like setting fire to a bin. B is close to hand as always and the chav element are confronted by the pissed off owner of said rubbish recepticle and by sheer happenstance, C gets collared by this bloke, who was no midget. B takes great exception and swings a punch at the chap. Not only did he knock the guy out cold, but broke his jaw and caused bleeding inside his cranial cavity due to the fall. We all saw this (it was approx 100 yards from the front gates of the school) and so police and ambulances were called. B got arrested for GBH and C got off scot-free. Last I heard, B had been committed to the loony bin for a fairly extended length of time, and C had just bought a flat with all his hard earned drug money. All this from the school which was voted the best in Scotland 3 years running...

There was also a guy who claimed to have shagged a girl up the arse and found a bit of sweetcorn under his foreskin. Oh, you've already heard that one...
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 9:34, Reply)
A mate's sister
Who was convinced that she was a dog, she'd wear a collar and we would throw sticks for her to bring back in her mouth. She was also found in the garden at midnight with loads of lit candles around and digging a big hole.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 9:26, Reply)
Just not right
We had a guy in my year at school who liked Country and Western music. That is all.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 9:12, Reply)
Crippled Kev
Crippled Kev was a bit slow. His parents had both been killed in a car crash and he came to school from a local orphanage. At first, we took great delight in such quips as, "Hey Kev, how's your mum?" - which would reduce him to a blubbering wreck.

Though not actually a serious cripple, he had a dodgy hand like Jeremy Beadle and was slightly cross-eyed. He also had a lazy leg. This meant that when we played football, he couldn't run properly and we continually tackled him just to watch him roll in the mud.

The whole school knew about Kev, and people had different names for him. For some, he was "Spack Boy", while others preferred "Whiner" (because he always seemed to be crying). At the end of the fifth year - in the last week of school - someone gave him a few whisky and vodka miniatures and he got so drunk that he passed out. An opportunity too good to be missed...

We stripped him naked and left him lying on the floor of the girls toilets with a porno mag by his side. Dozens of people went in to have a look, and shortly afterwards photographs started to appear on noticeboards.

Kev never recovered from the shame. He cut his wrists a month or so later. He didn't die, but he was obviously very unhappy. It was about that time that people realised Kev was nothing but a satirical device made up by Frankspencer to illustrate how the whole concept of the 'weird kid' was a deeply suspect one of victimisation and the darker side of human nature
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 8:59, Reply)
Duncan Disorderly
This was not in my class, but a friends. Duncan was in college doing basic studies as he was...shall we say....a bit mentally disabled and highly violent. Eyes close together and randomly shouting "Fuck off" to people was his forte of strengths, and clearly stuck out like a sore thumb when he was wondering about.

Unfortunately he befriended only a handful of people in the college, one of them being me mate Anthony who'se a bit of a cunt at times.

Me 'n' Anthony waiting for the bus with about 200 other peeps after a long day's grind of studenting, minding our own business, when Duncan comes over.

"HI ANTHONY!" he shouts in a voice not out of place from "There's Something About Mary".
"Awww hi Duncan," smiles Anthony while an evil grin. Oh dear me thinks. "Hey, come here Duncan, I've learnt a new song, do you want to learn it?"
"Yeah, okay." So he leans towards Anthony, and he whispers something in. Once done, he says "Now go over there and sing your new song to everyone." Duncan trots away happy. Anthony however says "Leggit!" and we run around the back of the crowd of students, just in time to hear Duncan sing "THERE'S NO BLACK IN THE UNION JACK SO SEND THE BASTARDS BACK!" to the entire mob.

After the initial gasp, a girl asks "Who told you to say that?" and Duncan points to the empty spot where we were a few seconds ago.

A few years later (post-college) I'm learning to drive through Morriston in Swansea and as I'm approaching one of the MANY roundabouts my instructor points to a guy walking down the road and says "Look at that bright cunt by there Jeccy." He's spied Duncan with his headphones in, walking like a flump down the road looking angry as ever.
"You can't say that mate, that's Duncan."
"How the hell do you know him then?"
"He was in college with us a few years ago."
"What was he doing? A Level fucking paper tearing?"
I almost hit a parked car through laughing.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 8:57, Reply)
There was a lad... 'I'll call him Felix.. who would regularly dissapear during evenings in our boarding house... he kept his destintion a secret.. but was once spotted heading to the cellar.

5 minutes after he'd disspaeard... a group of us followed and bursted into the small storage room we thought he'd be in.

He was.. naked and wrapped head-to-foot in bog-roll ... wanking as though his life depended on it.

He met us with a grin.. saying "yeah.. it's fantastic.. it feels as though people are touching you all over". Sadly this was before the advent of digital cameras.

From that point on he was dubbed "kinky-Toss" or just plain old "kinky" for short.

The teachers even ended up calling him "kinky" in lessons...
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 8:02, Reply)
was his name. I was once his friend, maybe even his best. To me he was cool in prep through to about grade four. He taught me about Pokemon and Nintendo.
He was also allergic to everything, or so his mother would have you believe. He never drank milk, ate bread, went outside or spoke at a volume that could be heard more than five feet away.
As the years passed he slowly got stranger and stranger. In grade six the teachers held a "graduation" for the children that were smart enough to be allowed into high school. For this we had to give a short talk on what we wanted to do when we grew up (something that clearly would take a while for him). His speech still amuses me to this day:

"When I grow up I want to open a hospital for sick Yoshis."

I saw him a few weeks back. He doesn't talk to anyone but his mother these days.
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 5:29, Reply)
the weird kid in our class was called joe. i remember a sunny, but breezy afternoon in pe, when he had just got striked out at rounders, went in to a rage, picked up a big pile of leaves and went to throw them at the rest of the class. Unfortunately, a big gust of wind came and blew the leaves back in to his face... absolutely hysterical for a class of 11 year olds. He then ran up to the classroom, the whole class following him, where he proceeded to throw pencils at us all, including the teacher. He made a nifty escape and ran out of he school. It made our afternoon a lot more enjoyable. Im new, so please dont judge my length until you get to kno me?
(, Wed 24 Jan 2007, 2:24, Reply)

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