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This is a question Winging It

Don Spang says: I once found myself winging it in a job interview and somewhat exaggerated my technical experience in the field of mainframe computer operations. 24 years later, I'm still there. Ever had to improvise to get by? Tell us you tales of MacGyver-type genius.

(, Thu 28 Mar 2013, 12:31)
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As a teenager I once borrowed a paperback copy of The Exorcist, which was THE hot book at the time, for just one night.
The person who lent it had borrowed it from someone else so I had to read it quickly.

Next morning in a Human Biology 'O' Level class I was asked a quite basic question about the spinal column.

Ahhh, I thought, I know this! and went on for several minutes about spinal fluid and how it can be tapped to provide a specimen for analysis where conditions such as meningitis are suspected.
The teacher and class were amazed. I had obviously researched this subject in some depth.

I'd actually got all my information from the book, where Regan's spinal tap is fully described and explained.

Reminds me of a comic character who made me laugh as a kid by giving a little lecture in class about a king of England, which shocked the teacher who'd assumed the lad would know nothing about the subject.
Of course, this was the 60s, and the character had read the information on the cornflake packet at breakfast.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 9:30, 4 replies)
Did he turn it up to 11?

(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 13:43, closed)
Lick My
Love Pump.
(, Sat 30 Mar 2013, 23:36, closed)
Smell The Glove!

(, Mon 1 Apr 2013, 13:45, closed)
Holy Blood Holy Grail
I read this back in the day when it was still fairly new. I reached the part about the Knights Templar and put it down. The next night we went to a trivia quiz at the club. One of the questions was "Who succeeded Boniface XI as Pope?" I was the only one who knew, but don't ask me now, don't remember.
(, Sun 31 Mar 2013, 5:37, closed)

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