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This is a question I witnessed a crime

Freddy Woo writes, "A group of us once staggered home so insensible with drink that we failed to notice someone being killed and buried in a shallow grave not more than 50 yards away. A crime unsolved to this day."

Have you witnessed a crime and done bugger all about it? Or are you a have-a-go hero?
Whatever. Tell us about it...

(, Thu 14 Feb 2008, 11:53)
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Not your smartest travelers.......
I used to be a member of a Sporting clays shoot, which was located in a copse in the middle of some fields. The shoot had been there for years and never had any problems, untill some Travelers decided to pitch up a couple of fields away. They had only been there a matter of days when our first shoot of the year was on and when we got to the copse, all of the stuff that was left there buy the shoot had either been nicked or trashed (nothing to important but fucking anoying).

Then during the shoot a shit load of travelers decided that they were going to come over and have a nose about. Which was a bit unnerving as the stupid twats were popping up out of the bushes that the clays were passing! How they any of them didnt get a buckshot parting ill never know. So on saftey grounds we stopped the shoot a a couple of the members went over to the camp to expalin that every second sunday this would be happening (we decided to be nice about, even though we were pretty much sure that they knicked our tower and other stuff, as you know how much grief travelers can cause)

Anyways the next shoot a few weeks later passed without event, but on the third a group of them turned up accusing us of shooting one of their horses and the vets bill was £2000 of which they didnt have a copy of!

The head of the shoot then pointed out that:
a. none of the targets were in the direction of the camp.
b. even if it was the camp was about a mile away any buckshot wouldnt get anywere near that range
c. to Fuck off.

At this point all the usual threats were leveled "I know your face" "your gonna pay" etc. and they pissed off only to reappear a hour later tooled up with baseball bats and other pointy stuff which in most cases would have been a great cause for alarm, unfortunatly what they had seemed to forget was that this was a shoot, and as they came into the clearing where we were all gathered they were greeted by approx 12 guys with shotguns and more ammo that your average mossside estate standing drinking coffee.

"can we help you gents with anything?" one of the members asked. At which point they turned and quickly left.

Thankfully the police moved them on the following week, unfortunalty not after they had the chance to trash and burn half the copse down! Wankers.

But im sure that you will agree not the Sharpest tools in the box
(, Fri 15 Feb 2008, 12:15, 1 reply)
You cause great offence with the word 'traveller'...
...I believe the correct term is fucking pikey bastards.
(, Mon 18 Feb 2008, 14:03, closed)

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