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This is a question Work Experience

We've got a work experience kid in for a couple of weeks and he'll do anything you tell him to... He's was in the server room most of yesterday monitoring the network activity lights - he almost missed his lunch till we took pity on him.

We are bastards.

How bad was your first experience of work?

(, Thu 10 May 2007, 9:45)
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Probably should have got sacked
Not work experience, that was spent working in a primary school where my mum worked and therefore no oppertunity for mischief.

My internship however was a completely different matter.

Working for a large company in department where I travelled quite a lot (which upset all the other interns) managed to get away with:

- Expensing hotel porn channels as 'breakfast'.

- A £100 bar tab between 2 people put down as business lunch, people on the expense report included my boss who signed it off and wasn't even in the same country as me at the time.

- Playing games because I needed to 'test' them.

- Showing up for work having not even gone back to my hotel that night. Fell asleep in a storage cupboard.

- Being asked if I liked group sex by a middle aged Saudi who insisted I should come back to meet his wife (I didn't).

- Telling a co-worker that "I don't care, because I'm quite quite drunk" (in my defense it was at an after-party, and I was).

- Telling the same co-worker that if she bothered me one more time I'd "Strangle the life right out of her".

At one point I actually got put in charge of a work experience kid. He insisted on sitting around singing that song by The Automatics (Whats that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?) so I locked him in the store cupboard.
(, Wed 16 May 2007, 0:51, Reply)

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