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This is a question Worst Person for the Job

In a week where it emerges that the new Health Secretary is a fan of the hocus-pocus that is homeopathy, tell us about people who are spectacularly out of their depth in a job. Have you ever found yourself wallowing in your own incompetence? Tell us. (Note: "Name of football manager/politician - nuff said" does not constitute an answer)

(, Thu 6 Sep 2012, 12:48)
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No 605 bus
We had several school buses from school when i was younger. The one I took was the 605. The bus was almost always damp, and smelt musty. It had a decor 20 year too late, and never quite displayed the correct number on the front. It usually looked like '60/' with the number 5 not in the right place - but we still knew it as 605.

It was an old bus, but boy could it move. I think this was more likely down to the bus driver we had, who was - to put it lightly, not the ideal candidate for a bus full of teenagers.

He resembled Bronson by build, and looks. The man was a lunatic, and drove like one too- often slamming on the breaks, waiting until everyone had recovered and shout obsenities to apease the volume of chatter from us scallywags.

It was as if the job was a liftime punishment for something he had done earlier. It was his hell.

I remember standing next to the front door once and watched him drive. He sweated, grunted and huffed all the way home. No one dared talk to him.

He rarely would obey the speed limits, and found it easier to get the journey over with as quickly as possible by aiming for an average speed of above 40mph all the way home. Quite often the most exciting part to be on the bus was the upstairs left front seat, as you seemed to sway more and occasionally hit tree branches. Which - when doing ~40mph is quite exciting. It was more like a rollercoaster ride. The more upset he looked as you got on the bus, the more you felt you were in for an interesting ride.

Certain days I remember seeing him close to breakdown - face red, sweaty, veins on the side of the head bulging. This was actually prior to the kids getting on the bus. So you can understand why when 150 screaming unable to sit down teenagers would allow him to tip over the edge with rage.

and thats my story. No specifics I just thought he wasnt ideal for the job.
(, Wed 12 Sep 2012, 16:52, closed)

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