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Going to have to disagree with you on that one.
I'd rather watch an old film with car chases involving actual cars, explosions involving things actually getting blown up and a script full of cheesy puns than a dogfight between a thousand fake aircraft and a flat and formulaic script, which is what action films seem to be these days.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2018, 8:51, More)

and they all lived happily ever after.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2018, 16:56, More)
I once wanked from Land's End to John o' Groats
due to a typo on a sponsorship form.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2018, 11:44, More)
none of the things you have ever been into have ever been cool

(, Thu 19 Jul 2018, 11:57, More)
but do they call me 'tangles the bridge-builder'???

(, Thu 19 Jul 2018, 11:03, More)
Happy birthday
(, Tue 17 Jul 2018, 8:50, More)
It's got Dwayne Johnson with a steel leg,
so it's a mixed programme of rock and metal, aahahaha.
(, Tue 17 Jul 2018, 9:25, More)
R.I.P. My grandpa Pablo (1920 - 2018)
Hi everyone!. I have bad news: Another member of my family has "became invisible": this time, my grandpa (the dad of my mom and Matilde Mendoza's husband), Pablo Emilio Sánchez Nieto died at age 97 by natural causes on July 15, 2018. He suffered a lot and I feel so devastated again by his death, but I know that my grandpa is now in heaven next with my grandma and he always accompanied me although is no longer with me. I always carry in my heart and in my mind.

R.I.P. My grandpa Pablo :'(
(October 6, 1920 - July 15, 2018)
(, Mon 16 Jul 2018, 15:47, More)
congrats to Windy
(, Mon 16 Jul 2018, 12:58, More)
footballs coming fourth

(, Sat 14 Jul 2018, 17:09, More)

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