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M3Essential was born on the outskirts of Merseyside in a sleepy little coal mining town. Raised by his parents on a strict diet of beatles and crickets, he'd sit for hours and listen to his father speak of days gone by in a sweaty little cavern at the heart of Liverpool and a beat that stole his heart.

The family struggled to save as much as they could, often going without cigarettes and lager, and bought young M3 a one-way ticket to the Big Apple - where he was promptly beaten to a pulp and left penniless.

The next few years were a blur of sweat shops, Three Card Monty, and singing on street corners for nickels and dimes.

One day on the road to Jamaica, Queens, he was visited by the ghost of Eddie Cochran, who told him to go west and front a rockabilly band.

And so he did.

Favourite Band Song:
Six Feet Under -- Six String Law

Ultimate Goal: Telepathy

m3 [at] m3essential [dot] com

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