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I suffer from skull fucking headaches brought on by spacking/flashing images.
I guess I can't stop you from posting them, but think about the b3tans that suffer because of them :(

on June 1st 2012 I stumbled across a StockImage website
that had (all?) the Smug B*stard meme images
you can find a link to 55 of the smuggest images here

I also had a mysterious tweet sent to me
"Smug's balcony is at Alsterglacis 7, 20354 Hamburg, looking SE. An hour well spent. Can't post on b3ta #lurker"


if you'd like to contact me or give me loads of cash for work drop me a line :)

What people have said about prodigy69

You're like the Chris Moyles of b3ta.
Not funny, a bit thick, a nasty little cunt and yet inexplicably popular. - Mr Eraserhead

B3ta Prayer

Magic Donkey, who art on B3ta,
hallowed be thy bray.
Thy Mods come,
thy newsletter be done,
on /board as it is in /talk
Give us this day our daily board stats.
And forgive us our trollings,
as we forgive those who troll against us.
And lead us not into 4chan,
but deliver us from the gay shift.
For thine is the fp, the modpowers and the glory. for ever and ever. EEH-OORRRR!

By We are the lemon. Chapter:3:16

Mr. Happy toast Zombied me

my tribute to a nice chap

used one of nikon fella's photos..r.i.p. meester
we'll all miss you


r.i.p. Jessie we'll all miss you and your lovely comments and support :)x

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he's also avalable for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs

[my website]


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Mutated Monty for still making things for b3ta and for the tv

and for not fucking off and leaving us as soon as he found a bit of fame :)
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» Encounters with Royalty

I stuck my fingers up at the queen as she went past in her limo'
during a primary school trip..I hope she remembers me :)
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/board troll
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I once saw a tramp in Glasgow shouting at something in an amusement arcade window.

As I walked nearer the arcades I found out he was hurling all sort of abuse in the direction of this little teddy bear who was just sitting there minding his own business.

something about fuckin' [something] basta' been drinkin..[something]

the little guy looked like he was holding his ground in the shop window and just gave him a steely look..

I didn't see what started the argument.
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some dumb american tourist asked me
why Edinburgh castle wasn't built nearer the airport
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