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Some American political discourse

(Thu 31st Mar 2016, 12:38, More)

Coming soon to a hospital near you

Facebook | Products and things
(Thu 9th Apr 2015, 15:57, More)

More Nigel Farage

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| My Facebook page has new Nigels every Friday
(Fri 30th Jan 2015, 9:23, More)


gallery | blog
(Fri 7th Feb 2014, 13:47, More)

Hey kids, it's Top Trumps time!

(Tue 8th Nov 2011, 9:06, More)

Coming to Channel Five this autumn

arty doings
(Thu 18th Aug 2011, 13:35, More)

It's never too late to learn

if everyone wishes really hard maybe one day I'll update my SITE
(Mon 11th Jul 2011, 12:20, More)

I ain't afraid of no sloths

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| My gallery | I have some new pictures for sale, too!
(Wed 27th Apr 2011, 11:44, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Obscure Memorabilia

I rifle through graves
looking for parts to build and reanimate a human being, so I have Thora Hird's spleen.
(Thu 4th Nov 2004, 11:45, More)

» Shoddy Presents

I'm pretty sure
last year at Christmas I received a free gift from a packet of Rice Krispies from my nan. In fact, I'm sure I did. She wrapped it up and everything. I was 23. I think she may well have lost her marbles completely. Having spoken to her last week merely confirms this.

It's not so much a case that it's the thought that counts, I wonder if she even knows she did it. It's a wonder she doesn't piss herself. More often.
(Thu 23rd Sep 2004, 12:06, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

why do you wrap hamsters in carpet tape?

so they won't split when you fuck them.
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 20:36, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Happy birthday b3ta
You are the best thing I ever did. Cop a load of this, and bask in your magnificence.

(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 10:32, More)

» The Onosecond

I want to lick your cock all over, big boy.

(Thu 26th May 2005, 11:48, More)
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