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# Alternative Vote
Referendum on the UK changing from a First Past The Post system.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2011, 20:01, archived)
# Ah yes, cheers

Now I think I have a slightly more informed idea of what I don't quite follow
(, Mon 18 Apr 2011, 20:08, archived)
AV is alternative voting, whereby you get to select MPs by ranking them 1-5 by personal preference rather than ticking a box like you do now (called first past the post). We get to choose between the current system and AV on the 5th of may in a referendum. AV sounds a little strange but it produces results which reflect which candidate the majority want and makes MPs easier to get rid of, making them work harder for everyone.

Maybe I'll be chastised now for taking this issue seriously, but for once we actually have a chance to bring in something which we've been working towards for 70 years, but we are a gnats cock from throwing it away because media tycoon dicks and house of lords cunts are putting so much money into the no campaign. I'm voting yes and I hope you do.
(, Wed 20 Apr 2011, 0:59, archived)