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[challenge entry] Since we're on the subject

I spent 4 years in northern Mozambique clearing these things and we often ran out of signs, so I had to design them myself, using omnigraffle. It took yonks and I always thought that I'd never find a use for it again (outside sunny, happy Angola) but now I can make a rubbish entry for the compo! Hurray.

Sorry it's not very good.

edit: Aaargh beaten in the replies, to which I probably should have replied. Recent ex-lurker flap. More apologies etc etc

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(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:15, archived)
# Hello :)
Relax, all is well.
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:54, archived)
# Nicely
now pull up a UXB and make yourself comfy =)
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 19:57, archived)
# Ha Ha
They definitely need a warning sign. Silent bastards!
(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 20:10, archived)
# Mimos actually means
You probably know but just for other b3tans' information.
(, Sat 6 Aug 2011, 14:25, archived)