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[challenge entry] The future's shite

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(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:28, archived)
# indeed, the future is shite
/disgruntled orange customer
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:35, archived)
# what disgruntles you so, Claude Speed?
It's important that I know.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:42, archived)
# never get a decent signal at all, it's like talking to a brick
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:45, archived)
# have you enabled roaming onto T-Mobile?
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:46, archived)
# yes and i've never even had a signal from that either
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:49, archived)
# what phone have you got, and where are you?
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:51, archived)
# samsung tocco and im in swansea
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:54, archived)
# dodgy phone in a patchy coverage area
the problem with Orange is that they insist on putting their own modified software on handsets, and the Tocco wasn't reliable to start with.

Swansea seems to have very patchy coverage, with the most consistant signal coverage over the sea.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:01, archived)
# i'll have to rent a boat and hang around in the bristol channel then?
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:06, archived)
# So it seems
or move to Port Talbot
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:07, archived)
# nah, swansea is bad enough
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:08, archived)
# I actually get pretty good signal with them...
...are you ACTUALLY talking to a brick, by any chance?
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:52, archived)
# if so its a very flat brick
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:03, archived)
# ^ this with fucking bells on
the T-mobile shared signal is loads better, but it doesnt always become available.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:48, archived)
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:52, archived)
# Samsung galaxy S2, living in islington, london
Good signal outside most of the time, but it pretty much dies as soon as i touch my phone in my flat. There's supposed to be an app on the included orange firmware that enables you to use your wifi connection to get a perfect connection, but orange havent made it available for the SG S2 yet.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:00, archived)
# poor service
there's no excuse for Orange to be weak anywhere in London.

But try this:

(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:06, archived)
# Hm
That's the app i was talking about. Not got that kies thing installed. Suppose ill have to sccumb and install it if i want to try this out...

Im guessing the lead coated bunker i live in is to blame for the signal drop, perhaps. According to some website thing, orange reception is excellent in all of london.
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 13:35, archived)
# searching for source pics
the first one that came up was the orange logo with the word TWUNTS .
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 12:43, archived)