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# Hahaha!
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:01, archived)
# tanks for the kudos
have you seen Man of Steel?

fucking disaster, aint it
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:02, archived)
# The first 30 minutes were beautiful, and the last 40 were a genuine assault on the senses.
The rest was mostly disappointing.
Jor-El's ghost doing disco moves to close all the doors on the Kryptonian ship was painful to watch.
And Pa Kent's departure was plain shit.

The moody loner stuff worked well, though.
Quite enjoyed the guardian angel premise, but it was over before it began.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:21, archived)
# I heard that, have you seen Half in the Bag's review, pretty much sums it up
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:24, archived)
# The first trailer promised me a masterpiece.
I chose to believe it would deliver.

Ach, well. Entirely my own fault.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:30, archived)
# I'm waiting for Only God Forgives and Elysium.

Also I want to see that Liberace one with Douglas/Damon
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:34, archived)
# 'Only God Forgives' got roundly booed at Cannes, so I'm definitely up for it.
'Elysium', 'Gravity' and 'The World's End' are all on the horizon, and I'll probably give 'World War Z' and 'Pacific Rim' the once-over when they arrive.

'A Field in England' hits everything at exactly the same time on July 5th.
Big fan of 'Sightseers' and 'Kill List', so really looking forward to this one:
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 19:02, archived)
# I liked Kill List, it has moments of genuine menace, not keen on the ending though.
I haven't seen Sighseers, I need to, A Field in England looks very interesting.

Yes, Pacific Rim also.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 19:09, archived)
# 'Sightseers' is probably my film of 2013, so far.
Dark and funny always makes for good viewing.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 19:34, archived)
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:41, archived)
# 'Behind The Candelabra' was on YouTube, all last week.
/links discovered it for me.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 19:07, archived)
# i'll check it out
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 19:19, archived)
# wonderful
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 20:21, archived)
# "Fabulous"
I think you mean.
(, Mon 24 Jun 2013, 1:40, archived)
# ^This
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:14, archived)
# tanks for the kudos by proxy
i think we should tank the guy who posted his blanka also,

(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 18:25, archived)